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The newbies guide to otome hearts~ 0tppz1z
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Otome Hearts
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The newbies guide to otome hearts~

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default The newbies guide to otome hearts~

Post by Makise Sunao on 13/04/13, 04:14 pm

Hello you must be new here!
Here's a guide to (hopefully) help you with your troubles.

What is +Gold?
>>Read more

What are the rules for this forum?
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Disabling Advertisements
We are not responsible for the advertisements in the site, we are hosted for free and this is one of the cons of accepting free hosting. But in order for those advertisements to disappear you need to add this extension to your browser.
Star Pink Adblock for GoogleChrome browser.
Star Pink Adblock Plus for Firefox
These are absolutely free and safe. It disables all advertisements in websites, not just otomehearts.

Edit your profile
After registering, take time to prettify your profile page. Add your twitter account and etc. You can access all these in "My Profile" on the left sidebar, right below your avatar.

Changing your Avatar
Avatar is a picture that represents you, it defines your identity to the forum. People can easily recognize through pictures. So pick one that you really like. It's recommend to have a 100x100 avatar, the maximum avatar size is 148x250px
Arrow On your left sidebar, click "My Profile".
Arrow Click "Avatar" then "Choose file" then "Save"
Changing your Signature
Signatures automatically appears below your forum posts. Put anything in it, don't put oversize images though...do note that not all people are blessed with a high speed internet connection. Putting large images would take too much time for the forums to load.
Arrow On your left sidebar, click "My Profile".
Arrow Click "Signature" then put anything on that text area and click "Save"

What are factions?
Factions are like cliques, a group of people, an organization..haha. They describe the type of bishie you prefer. More will be added soon, feel free to put a request in the problem/suggestion forums.
Star Pink Hearts - For Tsunderes
Star Pink Spades - For Smut
Star Pink Clovers - For Cute and Sweet
Star Pink Diamonds - For S&M...hah.
Star Pink Jokers - For Split personalities
Star Pink Heroine - For ..none of the above ^

My rank is a stalker?
Ranks are equivalent to forum participation. A certain number of post is equivalent to a certain rank
Star Pink Stalker 0-24 posts
Star Pink Transfer Student 25 posts
Star Pink Main Character 70 posts
Star Pink Mary Sue 150 posts
Star Pink Mahou Shoujo 200 posts
Makise Sunao
Makise Sunao

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