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Forum Rules and Regulations

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default Forum Rules and Regulations

Post by Makise Sunao on 11/04/13, 01:22 am

General Forum rules

Star Pink Do not post anything on the Mint Market section unless you redeem passwords.
Star Pink Your +Gold will be deducted if you post replies at the Mint Market.
Star Pink Users who will get a -Gold after posting will be banned effective immediately.

  • If you need help and assistance please go to here
  • Press the + button if you take anything
  • Do not steal links and post it on other forums. Respect the uploader
  • >> Read more about +Gold here

Star Pink We are not responsible nor liable of any item posted in the Mint Market.
Star Pink All rights and ownership belongs to respective companies.
Star Pink Items are only for evaluation and personal use.
Star Pink All items are hosted outside Otome Hearts.

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