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Grand Opening of Otome Hearts! 0tppz1z
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Otome Hearts
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Grand Opening of Otome Hearts!

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default Grand Opening of Otome Hearts!

Post by Makise Sunao on 07/04/13, 04:21 pm

Hello everyone!
It was really silly that we envision a community without even making a forum. So after weeks of planning and testing, we finally finished this one!

This place is basically an extension of Bishounen Gemu, but is much more open with sharing of resources, news and more interaction from fellow otome gamers. We'd be happy if this place will be a premier hang-out for fans.

I have to thank StarCollide for giving us her forum, this was originally hers and she suggested we'll remake everything for Bishounen Gemu. Thanks to Sakimichi for the great design as usual.
She choose Amnesia because we made Tohma the forum lock icon..it's an embarrassing pun..we sincerely apologize for Saki's poor humor. :oops:
Hey you can even choose your own husbando faction : Spades, Hearts, Jokers, Diamonds, and Clovers

Anyway... were open to suggestions, complaints and appreciation. There will be forum contests, rare uploaded stuff, ranks and etc. We're excited to roll out
more features and we do hope you will enjoy your stay~

And we need forum moderators and uploaders! Feel free to apply in this thread

Thank You Roll:

  • Textures - Reecito
  • Images - Various users from tumblr. We're really grateful for them.
  • Amnesia Artbook - otome@ch
  • Shin Render - Ainoa
  • Amnesia Favicon - iconspedia

Makise Sunao
Makise Sunao

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default Re: Grand Opening of Otome Hearts!

Post by hanna18 on 30/04/13, 04:24 pm

Oh.. *0* thank!
Transfer Student
Transfer Student

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