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Starry Sky in Autumn Translation Project Continues: Translators needed!

20/10/14, 02:19 pm by Sakimichi

Hello everyone!
I'm back~ Feel free to slap me for my inactivity. 
Starry Sky in Autumn English patch resumes today and we are still looking for translators. I'm gonna slowly respond to the swamp of PM's in my inbox so for those whom I've not contacted for almost a year, wait no more  Laughing dududu

Anyway we've done 125 scripts over 311. There's still a lot to cover so when you're free please join …

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Anniversary no Kuni no Alice partial patch released!

27/09/16, 07:06 am by vocaotome

I and my team at marchen translations are proud to announce that the first partial patch of Anniversary no Kuni no Alice is out! Find the patch at the project blog here. The patch contains routes for 4 characters out of 11.
P.S. Please read the instructions text file in the download folder~!

A couple preview pics:
Otome Hearts - Portal QxKU62Q
Otome Hearts - Portal 6xiLmWJ
Otome Hearts - Portal …

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3-Day +Gold Giveaway

15/04/13, 07:24 am by Makise Sunao

Hello everyone!
I'll be giving away +Gold for the following:
Star Pink 30 +Gold for people who can reply to this post.
Star Pink 40 +Gold for Otome Game makers (You need to make a thread at Other Fanworks section and put the link here)
Star Pink 50 +Gold for translators (Put a link on your blog/team project here)
Star Pink 60 +Gold if you have at least 2 friends listed in your profile~
Star Pink 70 +Gold if …

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25/04/16, 07:12 pm by alextheunicorn

Hello I love you Hello yay!

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Merry Christmas Mina-San 〜<3

24/12/13, 06:32 pm by Bu-Bu San

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year!

I am sorry I haven't been active, once the new year has set in ill be on more 
Just my life has been busy at the moment.

But I'm close to sorting it al out! So I'll be Back for all your moderating needs (=^ェ^=)

So again merry Christmas everyone!

-Bu-Bu San
-ブ-ブ …

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Haiyan Super Typhoon & Project Status

13/11/13, 06:13 am by Sakimichi

Good day OH members and Bishounen Gemu staff!
Some of you here have already heard of Super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that struct the Philippines. A disastrous category 6 storm surge, known as the worlds powerful typhoon to ever make landfall.

Otome Hearts - Portal 14590910

Just weeks before that, a magnitude 7 earthquake also hit the Visayas regions of the Philippines. And …

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Updates~ and more

10/09/13, 10:23 am by Sakimichi

Hello everyone!
A lot has change these past 4 months; With Makise's absence, I'll be temporarily replacing her role and duties. I've cleaned up the spam at the General Discussion area, and looks like the poster disappeared. Hopefully no one would do it again.
I'm thankful for the Bishounen Gemu staff, especially our translators who kept things going while I was gone.

Project Updates:

  • We will be …

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Please read the rules~

26/09/13, 10:10 am by Sakimichi

So it was my first time banning a user. For newcomers, please read the rules.
It's purposely located at your left sidebar, and that is really really visible.

Bleh Never ever post at the mint market unless you have +Gold to redeem.

Why do you need +Gold? 
This is a community, not a leaching site.
We made this place so you guys could converse with fellow members about otome games. bishies, …

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Sakimichi back soon!!

13/08/13, 10:02 am by Bu-Bu San

Hey all forum dwellers!

Just a small announcement...

I was speaking to Sakimichi and she stated that she will be returning to us next week!! YAY! ^_^ 

She had some urgent things to deal with and she apologizes for the sudden disappearance.

Well that's all for now 

:D ~Arrow

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