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Please read the rules~ 0tppz1z
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Otome Hearts
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Please read the rules~

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default Please read the rules~

Post by Sakimichi on 26/09/13, 10:10 am

So it was my first time banning a user. For newcomers, please read the rules.
It's purposely located at your left sidebar, and that is really really visible.

Bleh Never ever post at the mint market unless you have +Gold to redeem.

Why do you need +Gold? 
This is a community, not a leaching site.
We made this place so you guys could converse with fellow members about otome games. bishies, anime/manga and girly stuff, the downloads are just trophies waiting to be claimed. 
Active participation is necessary really. That's all we ask Oh you~ 

Go forth and strike a topic, share your talent or better yet, make a request.
Brag about your achievements, post your tumblr or MAL account, anything but spam please. Don't be shy to ask or post a topic, and be sure to format it nicely. smile 
There are really nice people here, you guys just need to know each other well by staying in topic, or expanding the topic. yay!

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