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Sometimes, there is no good way to translate

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default Sometimes, there is no good way to translate

Post by HereWeAreAtSeaworld on 15/06/13, 03:02 am

A language like Japanese can be hard to translate into a language like English. Like really hard. And the reasons for that range from difference of sentence construction to keigo.

The Japanese are a very polite people. So, when a character uses informal speech, it is seen as very rude. But there's really no good way to translate that into English. A good example is with Japanese second-person pronouns.

Officially, "kisama" is just a really rude way to say "you". But since we only have the word "you" in English, it usually gets translated into something like "you bastard". This actually happens a lot. A character using informal speech in Japanese will be translated into a guy who curses a lot, even though he never says a swear word once.

(Note: "Kisama" actually used to not be a rude word. It was used in the time of samurai often by people talking to a person of a rank lower than their own. However, since people are considered more or less equal now, it's become an incredibly rude word which is used by people looking down on others.)

And it all brings us back to the fact that Japanese and English can be irreconcilable languages. Honestly, translators and especially fansubbers are not given nearly enough credit for their work.

If you are ever downloading some subbed anime from the site of the sub group, remember to thank them, ladies. 'Tis hard work.

P.s. Don't even get me started on other pronouns and formal speech and people who speak in odd dialects.

You inconsiderate, microwaved piece of soap!
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default Re: Sometimes, there is no good way to translate

Post by SamrockAniki on 21/03/14, 09:54 pm

HereWeAreAtSeaworld - I know what you mean, I've noticed it a lot especially when watching anime or playing otomes with V/A in it.
The Japanese are really very polite indeed Ehehe~ 
Like when they say "Temae" which is a more informal way to say "you", It's also translated to "Bastard" or even "F***er"
Ah~If only we all spoke one language mou~ 

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