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Lose an arm they say... 0tppz1z
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Otome Hearts
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Lose an arm they say...

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default Lose an arm they say...

Post by Makise Sunao on 14/04/13, 11:10 am

Hello everyone!
Today we finished wrapping up the functions and design for the site, we were really surprised by the amount of people who joined us. It's all thanks to English Otome Games and tumblr supporters who helped spreading the news.
Thank you so much gaiz, I stalked the chatbox and was moved by the supporters ;A;.
I love you all..(no gay)
Thank you to the wonderful staff and people who joined the community~
I may not be present at all times but reading the threads made me giggle c
Lose an arm they say... 0tppz1zl
Lose an arm they say... LqbjTJcl
Just to clarify.
Otome Hearts is not equal to Bishounen Gemu.
You don't have to involve all Bishounen Gemu staff over this, it was just my idea to make a forum so our staff could mingle with otome gamers.
This was just a forum is not focusing to be a download site, downloads are just bonuses.
Our Visual Novel section is empty and were still planning what to do with it Seriously..just chill out, no ones loosing an arm. 👅
I bet this is the same person who spread harmful rumors last time..geeze.
I should slap a disclaimer here...orz (Done)
I've never seen someone this anal before...she must be some kind of internet saint..

Star Pink Fixed the menu links
Star Pink Fixed the Factions - Factions can now be changed
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