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Post by Nashmund on 06/06/19, 10:31 pm

Hello Hello, I've just joined the forum since I would like to discuss about some [otome] games, and if possible, exchange points of view and recommendations of the same.

Two months ago I started playing this kind of games because the curiosity won me Neutral [Amnesia, Diabolik Lovers and other games with anime adaptations]. Now that I think about it, I was searching animes like Ouran Host Club [Romantic comedy] but ended opening a whole new world Embarassed/ Kyaa! .

Games played: Nusantara, Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome , Amnesia Memories, Ozmafia, Nightshade, Les Fleusword and Dot kareshi: we're 8bit Lovers! 1  Evil smirk

Now playing: Dandelion, Backstage Pass, The Charming Empire and Dot kareshi we're 8bit Lovers! 2  
...It turned out I became an otome otaku :p , but!! but. sadly not all the games are translated so I got something to stop me Judging you .

Anyway Visual Novel Reader  has our backs, that's why!! Just as planned   I'm open to recommendations of any visual novel game Love it!.
Glad to have joined, I'm at your care.  Ehehe~

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