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default Hello/Ola

Post by Nierty on 14/03/18, 07:27 pm

Hi, so i'm already had one accont here but i forget my password and Nick. 
Oh well  Very Mad
I'm brazilian, and i love Visual novel, Dating sim.
Dating sim Favorite is : Tokimeki memorial girl's side 3
Visual Novel is: Ayakashi Gohan and Amnesia
Adv is Nonary game.
X-note, Area-x and some others english otome games are my favorite second lol

i'm playing right now: Dynamic Chord Revê parfait, and Translating Amnesia:memories for my main language portuguese, and Sachi no tenbin and Amplitude very good steam game. 

So Hi for all, and Hakuouki Edo Blossons came out for pc in steam.

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default Re: Hello/Ola

Post by fairth on 26/07/18, 06:03 am

Tokimeki is my fav otome game too ><

I've yet to play Hakuouki shinkai though, is it worth ? Better than the original game ?

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Mahou Shoujo

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