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Favorite instrument!

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default Favorite instrument!

Post by icingcandies on 02/06/16, 06:32 pm

Mine is in this order:

Piano > Violin > Guitar > Others  Ehehe~

(grade 0 for every instrument because I'm an ungraded amateur.  mou~ I have fun nonetheless during practice.)

Orchestra music and instrumentals are the kind of music I delight in.  Embarassed/ Kyaa!

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default Re: Favorite instrument!

Post by miraichizu05 on 08/06/16, 11:36 am

Mine is:
Violin > Piano > Guitar > Bass > Every instrument I wanna play

It's been a year of formal violin lessons. I get to play the other instruments when my classmates need me to. Hehe

I also love Orchestra music~ <3

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