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Hello :)

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default Hello :)

Post by bloodsinger on 16/06/13, 10:52 am

Hi everyone! I'm Bloodsinger and I've recently started back my addiction to otome games >.< (during exam period. Procrastination at the highest level)

My first otome game was Tokimeki! YAY!!!! Gorgeous bishies <3
actually besides that, I haven't done anything else but currently, I'm waiting for my Hakuoki game to load finish -.-

I love to play more otome games and perhaps when I'm forced to play the Japanese versions due to the lack of translations, my Jap will improve too..

I learned Japanese for quite a few years, taking classes and all but I stopped a few years back so I have to say my Japanese knowledge now is almost non-existent. I'm currently trying to get back into the groove of self-learning it though haha! Without formal lessons this time. ;d

Well, this is me! Hope to meet many more of you with the same interests :D


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default Re: Hello :)

Post by Akuni on 26/06/13, 02:11 am

You can always stay active by talking to some of the other members who can JAP~ So Welcome to OH o/
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Mahou Shoujo

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