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What is your thoughts on otome games?

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default What is your thoughts on otome games?

Post by PZSkye on 24/05/16, 07:37 pm

So basically I'm asking about the things you like in otome games and the things you hate in them. You can answer however you like long if it's based of otome games (but you can also do it based off visual novels also if you like.) So I would love for you to pur down your own honest feelings! ^w^ Since when I'm older I want to become someone who makes otome games and visual novels so I like to ask people who like them and play them what they like and hate about them.

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default Re: What is your thoughts on otome games?

Post by icingcandies on 31/05/16, 07:19 pm

I dig gorgeous art style. :>  :p The artist for Amnesia for instance, is a huge plus factor. I also look for comedy in otome games (XD).

Annoying male lead who puts the female lead down and is abusive is just plain annoying. Perhaps that's why I never liked Diabolic Lovers.

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