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Do you know about this ytchannel TheBestAMVsOfAllTime?

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default Do you know about this ytchannel TheBestAMVsOfAllTime?

Post by MarinetteXXX on 07/12/15, 01:51 pm

TheBestAMVsOfAllTime :

It's a channel in youtube that collects the best and unique amvs(video) about anime in the web. 
 This channel have playlist for: thet action videos, croosover amv, dance and fun video, drama and sentimental amv, fan made trailers, and other great random anime videos. smile

So anyway if you don't know it you should definetly check it  like wink.
You'll surely see awesome videos about your favorite anime!

If you do know about this channel what is your favorite video

My favorite videos are:

(anyway this is the first topic I write so please if I wrote or did something wrong please notice me Bleh
And I'm spamming I'mjust curious about other people favorite videos and if they know this channel)

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default Re: Do you know about this ytchannel TheBestAMVsOfAllTime?

Post by Gigglepud on 07/12/15, 03:37 pm

Yes! I used to love this channel back when I had the time to scour youtube for AMVs, mostly angsty ones. 

I also love anime got talent. It just looks so amazing.

Now I watch more meps than amvs, though :p I guess when you share the work and have less load, the quality of effects increases? :p

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