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Syo Kurusu Fanfiction-Just The Girl-Oneshot.

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default Syo Kurusu Fanfiction-Just The Girl-Oneshot.

Post by MarialenaPrincessOfLove98 on 13/05/13, 04:19 am

A boy with blonde hair was laughing with his friends,having fun at the club,it was the day after he filmed his first movie with Hyuga-sensei,he was so happy and Otoya suggested that they should go out to celebrate so here they are in the club having the time of their lives.
Everybody was dancing and the one who danced the most was him!He just needed to let it all those feelings of joy,he had inside his heart but after all that dancing he got tired,he sat down in the bar and ordered some coke…he didn’t want to drink anything with alcohol yet.
Then as he was sitting there,his thoughts drifted to the girl who had captured his heart.She was so beautiful and perfect every time he watched her laugh he felt his heart skip a beat.
He sighed,he knew that she would never look at him(but he would catch her eye every now and then,well he didn’t that though.)
He didn’t know how to explain it but she was a mystery for him and that made it even more challenging for him.A grin appeared on his lips as he thought how would it be when he would make her his.
Then he felt someone touching his arms and turned expecting to see some of his friends”What do you want?”He said annoyed that someone interrupted his thoughts.
“Oh?Well,well what do we have here?Is Mr.Syo being rude to me?I am so sad.”A familiar voice commented teasingly and the boy’s blue eyes widened as he looked at the last person he was expecting.
A blush appeared on his cheeks as in front of him stood the girl he loved.
Her long brown hair were let down for the occasion and a bit curled,her big green eyes were shining with mischief.She was wearing an orange dress that reached her knees.
“A-Aiko?!W-What are you doing here?”He questioned to say the truth he didn’t expect her to be here.
A cute smiled appeared on her lips and she put her finger on her lips”That’s a secret~”She winked at him as he blushed slightly.
“And congratulations about your movie!I watched it,you were pretty cool!”She said smiling at him.
He smiled back”Thanks!”
Then her eyes widened as she remembered something “Oh God!I almost forgot!”Syo looked at her curious as she got something out of her small bag.
She grinned as she found what she was searching for “Here you are!A gift for you!”
He blinked surprised”A gift?But why?”
She chuckled at him “Seriously?You are so dumb that you can’t ever figure this out?”She questioned at him.
His face turned red “I am not dumb!Shut up!”He cried out as he looked away annoyed,he pouted slightly ‘Damn…I shouldn’t have reacted like that.I may have hurt her feelings after she was just giving me a gift..I should have just thank her instead and then say sorry.’He thought to himself and sighed. He was ready to turn so that he could apologize to her but before he could he heard a girl laughing.
She was giggling cutely and her face was shining with happiness.
Syo felt his cheeks turning red and looked away not wanting her to see his blushing face “W-What’s so funny?!”He asked her as she managed to stop laughing.
“I am sorry Syo-kun but you were just so cute at that moment,I couldn’t help myself.”She admitted as the poor guy blushed even more.
“O-Oh.”He just said and then he blinked “And why does everyone say I am cute?!”He pouted slightly as she giggled again and held his hand”Because you just are silly!”She simply said “And now open your gift!”She urged him.
Syo looked at the small box curious.Why did she buy him a gift?And what could it be?He started opening it.
And what he saw made him red but not from being embarrassed this time but from anger,his eye twitched.
“What in the world is this?”He asked her as she grinned mischievously at him”What you don’t like your gift?”
Inside the box were many pictures of him during the time that he was acting for the movie and there was a last picture that was taken long time ago.
He blinked as he looked at it carefully and turned at her “Where did you find this?”He motioned at the photo.
She pouted at him”What do you mean?!I was there too you know!”She explained and Syo’s eyes widened in surprise.
“You were?But where?” he questioned and then he saw her a girl with twin ponytails was laughing at the camera sitting next to him.
His eyes widened in realization “Ai-chan?Is that you?”He asked looking at her still shocked.
She nodded and smiled at him “You finally remembered me,Syo-kun.”She whispered her eyes filled with joy.
He hugged her tightly as his cheeks burned,he had never thought that the girl that he loved was actually his childhood crush.
“I-I am sorry.I-I just felt like I should do that.”He whispered as the girl stood there shocked then he felt is arms wrapping around him as well.
She giggled”It’s okay.I really wanted to do this for a long time as well.”She grinned at him as they pulled away.
He gulped,he knew what he should now.He had to tell her how he felt.
“A-Aiko!I-I have to tell you something!I-It’s not s-something i-important b-but I would like you to hear me out.”He cursed himself for stuttering.
She smirked at him”Why are you being so shy?”She teased him lightly and then smiled at him”So tell me!I am all ears.”She said as she waited for him to speak.
As he was ready to speak, a familiar song started playing and an idea formed on his mind as a smile appeared on his face.
“I think I have a better way to tell you.”He commented and went to the Dj and told him to that he wanted to sing the song for somebody,the man gave him thumbs up and nodded.
Syo went in the stage holding a microphone “Hey everyone I would like to sing a song for a special someone.”His eyes looked at her and he grinned “SO let’s go!!”The crowd cheered as the music started playing.
“She is a girl I have known for a long time
Her laugh echoes in my mind
And I always dream that she will be mine
She is bittersweet like a chocolate
Her emerald eyes shine with mischief
And I know that I will be her victim
But I just can’t resist her voice
She always teases me but she is the one I am after.
She makes my poor heart skip a beat!
She is a mystery,she is too much for me.”He looked at her and winked.
“I would do everything for her because she is just the girl I am looking for.”
He finished and walked towards her “Aiko,you are the girl I am looking for.”He confessed and kissed her shyly.
Her green eyes widened in surprise but she smiled in the kiss and kissed him back.
After some seconds Syo pulled away shyly,his face crimson.
“I-I love you Ai-chan.”He whispered his face burning up.
She giggled at him and kissed his cheek”Syo-kun?Wanna know a secret?I love you too.”She whispered and his face shined with happiness.
A grin appeared on his face as he lifted her in the air and she laughed happily “Put me down!”She “complained”.
His grin widened “Never.”
“If I give you a kiss?”She teased him and a blushed appeared on his face.
She giggled as he put her down”Well I can always kiss you first.”He said and kissed her again.
They shared one more kiss and everyone cheered.
They both blushed as they pulled away,they had forgotten about everyone else.
Ren whistled”Good job shorty!”he commented and Syo became even redder.
“Don’t call me that!”he said as Aiko giggled as everyone came to congratulate them.
After some time they walked outside and enjoyed the beautiful moonlight as it shone upon the sea.
The air gently caressed their faces.Syo turned and looked at Aiko,she seemed so happy.He smiled and held her hand.
“You know something Aiko?”
“Hm?What is it?”
“I think I finally found what I was looking for.”He replied as he smiled at her.
She titled her head cutely “And what that may be?”
He leaned closer and whispered”You.”
The end.
Well that was my story what do you think?Should I post more of my works? smile
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