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Spanish and Japanese

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default Spanish and Japanese

Post by jokerchoker on 22/06/17, 03:07 am

Hey guys I am here and I am currently on a extremely lazy journey to learn both Japanese and Spanish in which I have heard have similar pronunciation to Japanese although it appears to me they are very much opposites in all things culture wise but as I begun learning Spanish and Japanese I found that to be correct. What do you all think?

Spanish Tips

Rolling the R's is harder for people who are tongue tied, are you? Go into the mirror lift your tongue if it forms the shape of a heart you are. The type of severity depends on how far your tongue can reach past your lips.

Spanish and direct english translations can be extremely confusing as there are multiple meanings for metaphors. 

I suggest using Duolingo (Android and Apple) and Learn Spanish(Android users only)

Here is a wonderful site for DIRECT translations for Spanish to English.

Direct translate COMMON most used words. 

Table, eat, drink, food, door, open, close, up, down, sit etc. 

Great first Sentences

My name is Serenity

I speak spanish

How are you?

I love you

*Will Update*

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