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Writing Class (Diamonds and Spades)

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default Writing Class (Diamonds and Spades)

Post by jokerchoker on 10/06/17, 01:19 am

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Topic: Short or Long story 
Genre: Smutty and or S/M 
Sub Genre: IMPORTANT TO HAVE A MEANINGFUL STORYLINE. Romance and or Supernatural and .
Photo: Post an anime Photo of each character that is the closest representation. 
Details: Write a short story or if you've already been working on a book post a chapter of your story in the comment section bellow. The genre has to be about Smut or S/m.  This is for the people in the back who just love a bit of smutty goodness essential for a good story to have a base. 

Base: About two girls who fall in love, one is the first female Alpha, the other is an unknown supernatural being who was held captive most of her life. 

Characters One:
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Name: Nevra Actovetz 
Age: Unknown
Species/Race: Half Werewolf and Unknown species. 
Special Abilities: To make anyone submit to her (Consentually of course but if extreme circumstances calls for it, forcefully during life or death matter). 
Appearance: Tall with a curvy body type, black long butt length hair, extremely green eyes big lips and olive skin. 

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Name: Lucette 
Age: 19
Species: Unknown
Abilities: Unknown
Appearance: Short curvy and Pastel pink hair, pale skin with pink hued eyes, unearthly beauty. 


Parts of Ch1 and 2

The window brought in moonlight so it was still night outside. I clutched it to my chest, my ear twitched. There was something or someone, I could hear them, they are crying..I got up and looked around the room. The crying grew louder as I got closer to the right side of the room. As I approached the bookshelf there was no doubt in my mind that the crying was coming from behind the shelf. I looked at the bookshelf. The unique design around the shelf caught my attention I reached over and touched the sides of the bookshelf and my finger brushed against what felt like a keyhole. I blinked and gently brushed my finger over it again before pressing close to examine the hole. It was the shape of a heart. My heart began to race as I lifted up the key to the hole and slid it in. I turned the key and I heard a click, the bookshelf shuttered and screeched as it slid sideways into the wall, a hydraulic lift made the bookshelf disappear. A gasp left my mouth. Inside the room was Adult size baby items from a huge adult crib to other items like a high chair, a bouncer, a baby swing and a shelf full of diapers, baby toys and baby powder. On the other side of the room beside the crib was a play spot with toys and on the top shelf was baby bottles, pacifiers and sippy cups. I was taken back but I noticed the crying had stopped. I looked around the room as my eyes landed on a small cage in the corner. Inside this cage with a toddler sized mattress and a small woman. She had long hair that curled at her ankles. She was wearing an oversized gray t shirt and a pacifier hung on her pinky as she clutched the bars staring at me with big hazel eyes. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and all I could do was stare..I turned as the bookshelf alerted me that it was closing. It closed behind me and I whipped back to stare at the girl inside the black cage..
Chapter 2

“How long..have you been here…” I asked, slowly and quietly approaching the cage, my hands up in the air. She scrambled back into the corner of the cage, squishing herself into a tiny ball. She trembled and my heart raced. I finally got down on my hands a knees and slowly crawled toward the side of the cage she curled up in. “Please, I will not hurt you, why are you here..” I asked finally reaching her. I lifted my hand and gently brushed her hair. She twitched and hid her face. An electric current went straight through my body I ripped my hand away and clutched my chest. It was painful. I looked up at her and she too clutched her chest. She whimpered out. What the fuck..”Did you feel that?” I asked I reached over and grabbed the bars of the cage, shaking it causing her to scream out. Fear settled deep within me and then hot rage. This cannot be happening. I flung myself up and away from the girl. This is not happening. I touched my chest once more. No this isn’t I couldn’t have imprinted ! I looked down at her and noticed she was human and anger fueled me further. No I DID not just imprint ON A HUMAN FEMALE
Question: Do you think your story could ever be an Otome R18 GAME?


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