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French tips~

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default French tips~

Post by MsWright on 15/02/17, 04:00 pm

Salut tout le monde~!  Ladida 

I was thinking of how should I contribute in the community and thought of teaching some french if ever you guys meet or interested in the beautiful language.

Tip n°1: Never exaggerrate your accent. 
If you think exaggerating your accent sounds cooler, you're wrong. :evil:You will sound like a try-hard or a wannabe french that likes to insult french people!!! Even though most of the sounds are in nasal form, don't try to snort out to try to speak French! The calmer you are, the better french people will like to hear you.

Tip n°2: If you don't know how to conjugate a verb, try with the basic ones
French may be a beautiful language but it's far more complex than it may seem. So much rules to follow and so much exceptions to learn. I suggest you guys should learn all the rules and exceptions perfectly engaging a conversation with someone. There's complicated structures, if you want to answer someone without making a mistake, you need to stick with a simple sentence (subject, verb, adj...)

Jean: Tu penses quoi de ce t-shirt?
Moi: Je trouve ce t-shirt beau. (<---- SIMPLE!!!)

Marie: Tu penses quoi de ce pays?
Moi: La France est merveilleusement belle. Paris est la ville des Lumières. (2 simple sentences)

These are the things I hate about when someone tries to speak french to me. I can't think about more of it since there's so much things to talk about (@-@) If you need more, then ask me~!

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