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Post by Daydreamer97 on 04/11/16, 12:36 pm

Hi! I'm a college sophomore from the Philippines who loves otome games. I got started two years ago, in high school with those mobile free to play games before paying for Voltage's paid games using my phone carrier. I've probably spent a thousand pesos or more on those games. My favorites then were Scandal in the Spotlight and Be My Princess 2

When I entered my first year in college, I got a laptop which I immediately used to download free indie games. That's when I really got hooked on otome games and visual novels. Steam has been a huge part of my new obsession. Since I discovered how easy it was to purchase Steam wallet codes, I've been buying otome games and visual novels faster than I can play them. For otome games, I've bought and played 1931:Scheherazade (really good, but big on stats raising), Amnesia: Memories (my introduction to professional, high quality Japanese otome games), Ozmafia (really good and funny), and Anicon: Cat's path (indie game by Zeiva. Cute, funny and highly recommended). 

I've also played a lot of free indie otome games, especially those that come out during NaNoRenO. Honestly, it blew my mind how those indie devs could create games that in my opinion, blew commercial games from Voltage out of the water. Like, the general VN community I often browse likes to hate on them but maybe they aren't playing otome games? Some of these are really good, like Lads in Distress, The Blind Griffin, The Lady's Choice, etc. 

Anyway, it's a bit long so I'll end it here. I really hope I can make new friends here and discover more otome games!

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