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Post by Yukionnal on 23/10/16, 09:06 pm

[h1]Info about me[/h1]
My name is Yukionnal im a grill who loves Otome games and Im a VN writer. I love Yoai and hot guys, I like anime and I love memes (also 90's R&B). Im super pervy so watch out cuz ill be comin for the D (づ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)づ
[h1]Mai Besfrands/Senpu[/h1]
[heh]Sirofficialpotato/Putatu Senpi
Nooby/Nooby Senpai
Boris Johnson
Koothy/Koothy Bear
(Might be moar)
[h1]Boss Ass Bitches[/h1]
Q: Yukeh-chen whey dew u haz "[heh]" in ur nems?
A: Because I made a blood sacrifice to the Potato God.

Q:Yukeh hew old er u?
A: 17

Q:Yukeh will u be meh bae?
A: Nu I dont need a man in my life rn

Q:Yukeh wuts ur fave anime
A:this is rlly hard but Say "I love you" is my fave
[h1]If you need to contact me[/h1]
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 P.S. Almost forgot my steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/420blazinbubblesluvpandas/

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