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Princess Nightmare Completion Help

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default Princess Nightmare Completion Help

Post by daikiraikimi on 23/10/16, 02:15 pm

So, I've been playing the PC version of Princess Nightmare and decided to go for completion, because why not. However, I've hit a wall, with a few CGs and Scenes missing which I just can't seem to find. I've been playing using this guide, and completed all the routes listed: 

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Now, according to the internet, there is also a route for Prince and Cheschire, but I can't find a walkthrough for either one in English. I did, however, find out that those routes may only be available in the PS2 version of the game. 

That said... If they're not available they shouldn't show up blank in my gallery. >< Here is what I'm missing:


For the purpose of clarity, I am numbering the CGs from left to right, then down. So for the first page CG01 is Little and Yama-chan about to eat ramen, CG06 is Little riding Inukai's back in his wolf form, and CG09 is Little eating dinner alone with Father.

Page 6/14, I am missing CG06 (to the left of Little dressed up as a Prince) and CG08 (right after Prince Little dancing with Princess Shinji)

Page 7/14, I am missing CG09 (right under the first image of Shinji playing piano)


For the purpose of clarity, I am numbering scenes from top to bottom in the first column, then top to bottom the second column. So for the first page, "The Human Boy" is Scene 4, "Drinking Big Brother's Blood" is Scene 7, and "Another Face" is Scene 10. 

Page 7/11, I am missing Scene 4 (under "Tea Party at Midnight"), Scene 5 (above "Cinderella Comedy (Shinji)"), and Scene 12 (under "Draculea and Shinji").

Page 8/11, I am missing Scene 5 (under "Inukai vs The Silver Wolf")

I already have all 19 Items in the item gallery. Any help filling these gaps would be much appreciated!

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