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Post by MarinetteXXX on 07/08/16, 11:16 pm

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy

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If someone don't know what's this anime about: 
It's the  3rd season of the series Danganronpa.
A mystery-dark anime that set in a school/island where 15 students are force to kill each other in secret and then find the murderer or else they all die. In short this is basically what happen in the 1st and 2nd season... (Yeah I'm lazy 'cause I don't want to write everything about it...and I don't want to copy and paste the story 'cause it make the topic too long).

Arrow Here's the synopsis of each season:
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-[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Arrow The 3rd season is divided in to two arc: 
a sequel one the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] arc;
a prequel to the 1st season the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] arc.

Blue Star So what do you think about the new series?
Blue Star What arc do prefer Mirai-Hen or Zetsubou-hen?
Blue Star And If you like the Mirai-Hen arc who do you think will survive in the final killing game?

In my case I like the new serie! I think it's great that this is a season where I can finally see a decent ending and not a vague one that left me so unsatisfied.. Frustrated 
I really wish to see all the main characters happy in a better world! Seriously Hajime, Naegi and the others needs a happy ending and I HOPE the new villain DIE! Why didn't she die in the despair girl serie... Very Mad
 I don't care if she's just a little girl! She ill-crazy-delusional! No / shakes head

That's why I totally prefer Mirai-hen arc since I guess this is the final battle right..? I'm tired seing interresting character die...  Crying
As for the Zetsubou-hen, I can't really say that I like it  becuase we all know how it'll end. And we all know it's not a happy one.
I mean it's nice to see them all happy and hope first but it's kinda painfull to see my favorite characters go crazy and stuff..

As for the survivors I think 
-Naegi (main protagonist must LIVE at all cost.. I praying for that at least);
-Kirigiri ( there's no naegi without Kirigiri :D  , yup Naegix Kirigiri is my otp Love it! );
-Sakakura ( not sure there's a chance he'll sacrifice himself for Munakata though..);
-Ruruka/Sonosuke( one of these two- I don't think couple while survive in a killing game... well there's hunger Games but I don't think Monokuma would be that mercyful..);
and Munakata (just like in Sakakura case I have the impression he'll sacrifice himself for naegi ) and Seiko...
Yeah not a lot of people..


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