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Post by Sternbalsam on 02/08/16, 11:56 pm

Greetings and Salutations!

It's been a while since I've created my account here, but never introduced myself.
So...hah...it's a bit late to introduce myself, I guess smile . Hm, where to beginn....I've started playing pc games since I was six and didn't really came in contact with Otome games about.....hm..4 or 5 years ago. Romance in western video games always was a bit of an oddity/rarity. My first LI was Valen Shadowbreath from Neverwinter Nights ( Bioware )and still is my favorite LI today Embarassed/ Kyaa! . I don't really remember what brought me to playing VNs/Otome, but I think it was Loren: the Amazon Princess that made me aware that such a medium exists. I'll admit that I prefer western Otomes or Vns more than Japanese Otomes, mostly because the majority of Japanese Otome mcs piss me off and the Otomes tend to be too formulated.

My favourite Otome is Dandelion -Wishes brought to you -, Yo-Jin-Bo and The Second Reproduction. I have way too many favourite VNs to count them all here - Let's just say I enjoyed Halloween Otome, The Royal trap and 7 Kingdoms: The Princess Problem very much and they always have a special place on my harddrive and in my heart I love you .

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