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Otome Hearts
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Hello everyone!

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default Hello everyone!

Post by Simmi on 14/06/16, 10:39 pm


My name is Ambre but here you'll know me as Simmi (pronounced "See Me", sorry I only realize as I write this that it sounds weird in English XD). I'm 25 years old and a student who loves Video Gaming and reading a little too much Love it!
I am quite a newbie in the world of Otome games, I've only played Tokimeki Girl side 2 and 3 and really enjoyed them! So I started looking for some more and ended up here! I Thought that it would be a good idea to be part of this community smile 
I also recently got myself a hacked PSP so I'm willing to find and download Otome and Visual novels games for my psp :3
As I said I've only played Tokimeki 2 and 3 and I chose Himuro Sensei in Tokimeki 2 and Kouichi kun in Tokimeki 3 smile 
I feel like I'm going to like it here!  like

PS: I'm French so my English can be a little clumsy sometimes, sorry in advance!

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