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default H-Hi!

Post by MakiChan on 20/03/15, 02:40 am

Uwa!!! sad
No matter how you see it I'm just super bad at talking and when ever I do join in a conversation I get really side tracked and end up on a completely different topic...
Not to mention I get nervous when I post anything, let alone a new topic. Crying
I just started play otome games recently... no wait... that's a lie. I started playing last summer but never had the patience to finish anything.
I also draw, so that might explain my huge fetish for nice graphics, though I feel like it's a bad thing...
So you see, I'd love to play lots and lots of otome games but a lot of the ones I've found are in Japanese, and I never have any money. Frustrated But someday I want to learn Japanese. 
I watch a lot of anime though. Mostly while draw, and that's because I procrastinate A LOT and almost always end up finding myself running out of time.

I think that's about it... :phew:

Minna-San, yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

No wait!! I forgot! Do you need to introduce your name? In that case.... call me Maki. See what I mean when I say I suck at talking?  Crying

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default Re: H-Hi!

Post by fairth on 22/03/15, 02:57 pm

Kochira koso, Maki-chan !

My first question will be about what Otome Game did you play ? Do you have a fav ? (Or several ?)

ikr, I'm also kind of... broke. I have no money to spend on Otome Games, and yet I can't stop playing (Thanks the Internet, there is always free links or someone sharing his version)

There are some links here, but I think you've seen you'll need some Golds to download (And you earn Gold by posting and Starting topics !!)

Posting is quite easy: If you have something to say (Even a silly comment, or random things), just post it !!
About starting topics: If you want to ask something or start a conversation or share anything that doesn't fit anywhere, just start your topic ! If it's wrong, people will help you or add their things !

hmm... actually, everyone here is super Kind and cute, so don't be afraid and just...say what comes to your mind (I mean...keyboard xD)

Oh ! And if you have any question, or anything actually, you can PM me, or some passer-by, who'll soon come to greet you ! Oh you~

So, welcome and enjoy your time here !!

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