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Hello from newbie

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default Hello from newbie

Post by hikeeb on 29/11/14, 11:15 pm

I just joined the forum.  I was introduced to visual novels through the MegaTokyo kickstarter, and began playing some on my iPhone.  Fell in love with the otome genre, since it is basically a combination of reading, comics, video games, and romance.  I find it extremely relaxing and a great way to recharge.  I suspect that I am older than many other fans, but that is totally fine by me.  
I prefer the more story-driven games, and absolutely loved Hakuoki (Saito is my favorite).  I've been trying to learn Japanese, but I was always bad at languages in school.  I qualify for a sabbatical at work in 3 more years, and am aiming for trip to Japan, where I would aim to spend time in the countryside rather than the cities, so want to get my conversational skills up to that.  
I just ordered the Otomate Vita pack, and will be using that as additional learning tools for Japanese.  I also have the Pimsleur series on Audible and Rosetta Stone.  I got stuck in Rosetta stone on one of the grammar lessons, so have been doing more in Pimsleur to learn the sentence structures before reimmersion in Rosetta Stone.
In my real life, I am a scientist and work in pharmaceutical development.  My particular passion is orphan diseases, because I want to help people that nobody else is helping.  I live with my husband and absolutely adorable Boston Terrier.  I love to cook, but don't always have time, so am constantly on the lookout for time-saving recipes and gadgets.

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default Re: Hello from newbie

Post by LeeYa on 22/12/14, 02:41 pm

hello Hikeeb-san Hello Hello !Welcome to OH~! :D :D
oh my..you're married!So cute Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle !nice to meet you! Ehehe~

heheh..age is not the problem anyway..so even though our age gap is so far different(I guess not..it just about 19 years different) I hope we can get along here.. Ehehe~ cat

hikeeb wrote:Fell in love with the otome genre, since it is basically a combination of reading, comics, video games, and romance.
 man..Thats was true.. Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle 

woah!I hope you get the chance to go to Japan Ehehe~ cat !and yeah countryside is more better for my opinion since for me,in countryside we can learn the culture more than the cities and of course its more relaxing especially for someone who live at city sleepy ..but I wondering how about the budget but ..is it the budget will be low than in the city or it was in other side..Dont know ..hahha Bert sweating Bert sweating Bert sweating

woah!!Scientist Sparkle Sparkle !work in pharmaceutical development shocked ?so that mean it is more involve in  chemistry right sad sad ?!Man..I take pure science in my high school but those chemistry subject never pass. Crying .hahaXD..I more prefer in mathematics  eventhough I was so slooww in calculating..heheh Bert sweating

that is a great job!Orphan is really need to be care..if its not all of you who'll help them right..I glad there someone like you willing to help them. Sparkle Love it! .

Ou!Boston Terrier?Your child?How old is he? Evil smirk Evil smirk (waitt he or she?..my bad..I'm sorry ..not really familiar with english name
sad sad )

btw nice to meet you! :D :D Love it!

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