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Online fashion show :)

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default Online fashion show :)

Post by Guest on 15/02/14, 03:52 am

Hey,so I was wondering if you guys
wanted too share some of your outfits 
you can go unique but please be respectful 
if you know you outfit will offend someone please don't post:)

If you don't want to take a picture of yourself 
you could take a picture of your outfit/s on the hanger

you can also describe what you like to wear
it doesn't matter if its a favorite tee and boots
or if its a gothic/lolita coordinate with lots of lace

i thought it'd be fun to see the varied 
clothing style of people at OH

1.clothing brands should be put in spoilers

2.No nudity by that i mean 
no exposing yourself in a way that'd make
others see of you in a provocative way

3.no middle fingers or tongue out in the photo
..on this post please.. Ladida 

i doubt any of that would happen but
i reserve the right to remove any posts*


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default Re: Online fashion show :)

Post by ColletteRen on 21/02/14, 06:46 am

Oh god I love this idea but man I have an off fashion sense xD I'm normally always wearing just jeans and some sort of t-shirt with my "cat" sweater which I like, wear all the time. 
Have this awkward photo of it. The hoot has cat years on it but I couldn't find a photo of me wearing the hood.
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My other outfits normally just consist of black tights and shorts with a t-shirt or just jeans and a t-shirt. I do have one outfit I wear a lot recently which is jeans, a long sleeve purple shirt and then a short sleeved baggy button up shirt on top [purple plaid].

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default Re: Online fashion show :)

Post by Guest on 21/02/14, 06:59 am

whoa that sweaters so awesome~! 
Thanks so much for sharing smile


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default Re: Online fashion show :)

Post by Sponsored content

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