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What anime/manga do you wish has a otome adaption?

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default Re: What anime/manga do you wish has a otome adaption?

Post by Sayuri on 18/11/14, 02:14 am

insight_blue wrote:Sayuri - I agree with Pretear! Very under rated show. I just had some friends watch it a few weeks ago, and they really loved it.

Is anyone watching Akatsuki no Yona? I was thinking the other day this would be a GREAT otome! Yona is beautiful and strong; she would make a great heroine. And all the guys in the show look awesome.

Yes! I've already watched it twice and I cried like a baby every time!  Crying It really is a shame it didn't get a bigger fanbase...

Oh... "Akatsuki no Yona" has been forever on my waiting list... It's just so excruciating to wait for the next chapter every month, so I just decided not to start anymore ongoing titles, or at least until they near a conclusion. I heard a lot about the heroine though and I'm really drooling all over it... I have a feeling I'll give up one of these days and start reading it anyway  Bert sweating

Reina-chan wrote:Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun <3
Funny and cute, not to mention all the characters are unique in their own way, I'd even love to have yuri routes for the female chars in there lol.
Along with Gintama => my fav anime forever.
Last thing that I can think of is Tokyo Ghoul, like come on, Kaneki as a pursuable dude and horror for otome? Pretty special.

^ THIS. "Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun" would make for a HILARIOUS otome! I would totally play it, heck, I would play it even if it wasn't an otome and just pure comedy XD XD

Daeyamati wrote:I was thinking about this the other day, and ya know, I think I'd want to see an otome game adaptation of Free! with Gou as the main heroine. I think Amakata-sensei would also make a good heroine but then each route could be plagued with the a taboo student-teacher relationship thing.

They ARE actually making an otome based on "Free!", it's made by fans!!  Sparkle Sadly, Gou isn't the main character (she's one of the pursuable characters though if that interests you)  :p 
I would love a version with main character GOU though!! >o<
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default Re: What anime/manga do you wish has a otome adaption?

Post by skyelight on 17/12/14, 10:25 am

I think that Kamichama Karin/ Kamichama Karin Chu would have an interesting otome adaption, but that might just be me...

I also read a manga called Nosatsu Junkie that I thought might have a cool otome adaption. Although maybe a shorter game, since there wouldn't be as many obtainable men as some other otome games.

There was also this anime/manga called "The Wallflower" that seemed like it had an interesting thing going. It's already a reverse harem with a heroine that barely shows her eyes soo...

Oresama Teacher also seems to have many paths to romance Mafuyu could take. Then again, knowing her character this would be a hard manga for an otome adaption, but if done well it would be hilarious! XD

But lastly for the people looking for a Skip Beat! otome adaptation it exists, here's the vndb link: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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