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Hatsukare☆Ren'ai Debut Sengen!

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default Hatsukare☆Ren'ai Debut Sengen!

Post by MayaKawaei on 30/08/13, 01:47 pm

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Name: Hatsukare☆Ren'ai Debut Sengen! (はつカレっ☆恋愛デビュー宣言!, First Boyfriend☆Debut Declaration of Love!... or something in the lines of that)

Producer: FuRyu Corporation

Platform: PSP

Site: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Description: Shinomiya Yui is tired of her average school life and feels like she wasted her first year studying and doing nothing interesting. Now that the 2nd year has started she wants to try to have a more exciting school life. She also hears from her friends that there’s a jinx if she goes to the Asumi hill and kisses the dude she loves during the fireworks, they’ll be together forever. (from [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.])

Has anyone played this? Both Otome Jikan and Hinano said in their reviews that it was a nice game (and the banchou is really cute :D ) , despite the confusing system. Does anyone else here recommend it? I'm thinking of getting it.

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default Re: Hatsukare☆Ren'ai Debut Sengen!

Post by ShikaSS on 02/09/14, 03:52 pm

I do recommend it.
If you are a completionist, it will be a pain to clear the game, but otherwise, you shouldn't have much issues with the system. When I first played it, reading the exact post you linked was enough for me not to get that confused.

It's a happy game, the plot is not anything near deep or engaging, but the interactions between the guys are really funny and each character has their unique trait.
Also, the Dokyun Mode is really really funny!
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