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Long intro is LOOOONG

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default Long intro is LOOOONG

Post by Nanashi on 11/06/13, 04:25 pm

Allo~! I honestly don't know what to say, so I just wrote and wrote what was on my mind. Forgive me. orz

Hmmm... You guys can call me Nanashi... I'm 18 years old turning 19 in three months. I've started playing Otome games late 2010. I've already played almost every English otome game in existence (Be it translated or an original English one.) I have yet to finish Love Revo, Dandelion and Scheherazade though. I'm not exactly that nitpicky with the art, but recently, I've become really picky when it comes to the story/plot/premise... especially if it's a pure VN.

I'm currently developing three otome games... Two of them I program myself and the other one I am a writer for. They're not exactly on par with all the professional ones from Japan, but me and my team try our best.

I love Anime, Manga, Video Games and the internet... I also tend to quote internet memes in real life. Sadly, only a few people can understand me, so that's why I love participating in forums like these. XD

I also love studying languages~ I'm currently studying three: Japanese, French and German. I might drop French if I decide to take the Mandarin Class Elective here at my Uni together with my friends. My poor brain can only handle so much.

I'm mainly focused on the Japanese language though, since I have a dream of becoming a fantranslator. I play the PSP versions of Gakuen Hetalia and TMGS3 for practice... I have to play it with a Kanji dictionary right by my side though. /criesinacorner

Lastly, I have a huge and major thing for meganes. Even my real life crushes and my one ex-boyfriend were all glasses-wearing boys. I dunno why... I just think guys get even more attractive if they wear glasses. @____@

So... Uh... That's all? Nice to meet you! Love it! :oops:

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default Re: Long intro is LOOOONG

Post by The_Cat_Lady on 11/06/13, 06:32 pm

Hello and welcome [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]!

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