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Hello !

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default Hello !

Post by reirei on 01/04/18, 10:25 pm

Hi everyone, I'm rei!

I found this website while trying to download Visual Novel Reader.
I've been playing otome games for some years already, specially during summer (when I can binge routes at night to my heart's content~~).

Here are some of my favorite otome routes:

Hanzo and Goemon (Nightshade)
Shin (Amnesia)
Lance and Yeonho (Nameless)
Louis (Midnight Cinderella)

The last game I've played to this date is Princess Nighmare (Inukai's route). 

Let's get along well! cat

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default Re: Hello !

Post by fairth on 26/07/18, 05:54 am

I've just downloaded Nightshade (mostly interested by Hanzo but still haven't tried him yet xD)

Welcome !

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