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Hello ^^

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default Hello ^^

Post by nero279 on 13/04/13, 05:17 pm

Hi everyone, I'm a new member here ^^ I found the forum through englishotomegames tumblr like some of the others here lol

I'm pretty sure I'm like the only one who knows VNs in my place, if not then the one who has the most experience here ^^;; You don't know how tired I get when I have to explain what a VN is, let alone an otome :'D
I just realized how formal I sound but trust me, you speak of hot men then I shall follow suit to your fangasm, so please don't be shy to talk to me, I don't know how to approach people very well but I'm still trying! :D

Anyway, am I the only one who went crazy on picking which faction during registering :O Don't do that to me, one does not simply choose! ;A;

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default Re: Hello ^^

Post by NuitNoire on 13/04/13, 07:28 pm

Hello and welcome! You can change your faction if you wish- I did on learning what they meant in the Newbie Guide- which you may or may not want to do ^^

Yes, yes indeed, explaining such things gets to be tiring :/ My sister's into anime and such but she doesn't like otome games too much, although I've managed to get her into Uta no Prince-sama. At least I have someone else to turn to when I need to spaz!
OH! Uploaders
OH! Uploaders

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