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default Hi Hi!

Post by MelowBee on 17/06/16, 08:31 pm

Hello there!
Well, um I'm MelowBee, a french girl who makes some mistakes in english, I'm sorry for that! x) 
I'm here by chance, yes. Or rather, semi-chance, because at first I was searching for some otomegames informations.

What about me, let see. I'm curently making my own otomegame which is calling "Fujiwara Highschool" and a sort of pre-Fujiwara Highschool wich is calling "FujiFest" (this one was for one of the Lemmasoft's Nanoreno contest, so right now I'm kind of graphically remaking it).
What else... If I remember the first otomegames that I played was Princess Debut and none of the Princes fell for me! xD
And the most recent otome games that I played (and enjoyed) were Storm Lover Kai and Tokimekimeki Memorial Girls side 3rd story (I'm so glad that someone translated it in english, really!).
I'm sorry I'm not really good to introducing myself so if you have questions, don't hesitate! (^ v^)/

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default Re: Hi Hi!

Post by Simmi on 19/06/16, 05:56 pm

Hey une autre française! :D
Je te souhaites la bienvenue mais j'ai bien l'impression que ce forum est mort x) je me suis inscrite il y a plus d'une semaine déjà et je n'ai toujours pas eu de réponses à mon message d'introduction XD
C'est énorme que tu fasse ton propre Otome Game! Ca se passe comment? :3

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