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R18 or All Ages?

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default R18 or All Ages?

Post by icingcandies on 02/06/16, 06:15 pm

Which do you prefer? :3

I've not yet encountered an R18 game that was worth the playthrough in the sense that I enjoyed it tremendously. At most, they had one or two characters that had their moments (moments far too few Frustrated ).

H scenes, especially non-consensual or kinky ones, made the whole experience much worse. Or general mistreatment such as in UTM. OTL Very Mad

That not's to say that I enjoyed most of the all age games I've played though. Some too, felt like a waste of time, but the torture pale in comparison to the R18 kusoge I've encountered.  Crying

In sum, I much prefer all ages game.  Neutral

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default Re: R18 or All Ages?

Post by fluffyswife on 17/01/17, 01:16 pm

Well yeah, I agree. Most 18+ otome games aren't something to remember and sometimes they aren't even enjoyable.  Rolling Eyes/ pissed   There's one I dropped without finishing even one route. Rolling Eyes/ pissed 
But there's still good ones. Like Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari. This one have an interesting story and likable characters. Every one of them! Embarassed/ Kyaa! And in the good ends there isn't rape or abuse of any kind. mou~

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