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Hello? :)

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default Hello? :)

Post by Rilla on 03/05/16, 12:10 am


New on Forums, and relatively new to otoges. (Ugh, can I still say that after roughly 10 games played through?)

I swear it all started with my sister becoming a fangirl of seiyuus, and after that, even I started choosing next anime to watch partially based on who voices the characters... and that's how I stumbled across Starry Sky anime adaptation. Was too slow-paced for me, but I came to like a few characters (and I saw the opportunity for yaoi ships... I'm so bad!), so I went to check out the game, and found Spring in English. I ended up enjoying it (mostly because of Kanata and his VA Sugita Tomokazu), and needless to say - I'm here after all - I took interest in otoges as a genre. I've always liked anime and fanfiction, now this is somewhere in between, and sometimes I can even tell the dumb heroine to do something clever, isn't it awesome? :D

Now after also having played Dandelion, halfway through Amnesia, and a bunch of free games like Frozen essence, Halloween otome, Those without names, I can say, I'm pretty much addicted.

So... this is how I got trapped (hell yeah Toma), and lost for reality. Oh yeah, I'm 23. Pretty old for this. Welp. At least I'm old enough for mature games? orz.

I thought I'm into tsunderes but... apparently I'm into blond bishies. And mystery games and heroines with guts/wits.

Ended up on this Forum while looking for game recommendations. Played Frozen Essense, Re:Alistair, Halloween Otome, Knife of the Traitor because people said they are among their favourites. I'm glad I did play them. smile Decided to register so I can also spazz somewhere.

Well uhm, don't know what else I could say as introduction. Feel free to ask, I'll try not to go back to my shell before answering. As Asians say - please take care of me!^^

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