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BLACK WOLVES SAGA -Weiβ und Schwarz-

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default BLACK WOLVES SAGA -Weiβ und Schwarz-

Post by Ace of Hearts on 25/04/16, 05:34 am

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Title: BLACK WOLVES SAGA -Weiβ und Schwarz-
Producer: Idea Factory/Otomate & Rejet
Platform: PS Vita
Release Date: 2016
Site: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Details: This game is a port of Black Wolves Saga -Bloody Nightmare- and Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope- for the PS Vita. The two games are alternate versions of the same story. Bloody Nightmare focuses on the two cat princes while Last Hope focuses on the wolves. Information on the Vita release is pending.


Bloody Nightmare: The protagonist, Fiona lived in a secluded tower due to her fragile health. There is turmoil in the country and a severe disease outbreak known as Zodiva or “Mad Wolf Disease”. Mejojo was interested in Fiona due to her upbringing and wanted to take her as his bride, but Fiona’s father refused. There are now rumours in town saying Fiona is a witch- Mejojo and Auger uses this to their advantage and arrest her, so that they can “observe” her while she lives in the castle. Eventually, Fiona’s half-brother (Nesso) and butler (Zara) rescue her and they escape together.

The emphasis of the story is on a dark/historical/political fantasy where humans, wolves, cats and other animals are being ruled by two very crafty feline tyrants. Due to various oppressions the cat twins faced in their childhood including assassination attempts, they learned how to survive and gain power- but they were also driven towards insanity. There is nothing they won’t do to get what they want. (Source: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.])

Last Hope: The Kingdom of Weblin is ruled by the cat people, but the rebellious wolf people have been spreading disease and terrorizing the citizens. The cats are hunting down the last of the wolf survivors to destroy their race... but is that really the whole story of the wolves?

One day Fiona, a sickly young girl, is to visit the world outside her tower for the first time on her sixteenth birthday party—but before it takes place, she's kidnapped by one of the wolf people, and her adventure begins. (Source: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.])

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