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Post by cnikimi on 21/10/15, 09:33 am

hi, i have a question about possible upcoming projects.
i am a super incompetent hacker, so i was just wondering if i could create a thread and post up some of the script files and then translators can take a look, translate it, then post their copy of the files on the thread? basically a really really loose translation group but everyone will be allowed to work at their own pace and everything?

i was even thinking of compiling all the translated work together on something like a google doc so it can all be worked on at the same time.. lol kinda like "twitch plays pokemon" but for translating vns

is such a thing possible or would i be breaking forum rules?
please let me know and thank you for your awesome work!!!!!   Hello

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default Re: questions

Post by fairth on 23/10/15, 11:39 pm

I don't think there is any forum rule, but you have to find people whom you trust, because anyone could then modify everyone's work, right ? And mess it or steal it...

May be you can create a subject where you ask people to send you a private message if they want to check it or help, so that you can send them a link to the google doc.
That way you can at least control who modifies your and everyone's work. (That's how they do it in Viki.com)

Or you'd need to check every change made to the text and save it often...

Well, anyway, I'm not a Japanese translator but if it's only from time to time and whenever I feel like it, I might try helping.
And I think it's a very good idea and it might work for translating if everyone helps a bit~

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