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Hi! Nice to meet you all! ^.^

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default Hi! Nice to meet you all! ^.^

Post by Scarlet9 on 01/10/15, 01:47 am

Hello! Hello
I've never been good with presentation but let's try! Bert sweating
I'm Italian (so sorry for my awful english >.<) and I am a fan of everithing that is videogames/manga/anime (maybe not really everithing but I like a lot of them xD) and I have recently discovered the world of otome games (so every raccomandation is greatly appreciated!)

As I've already said i'm not really good with presentations but if you have any question fell free to ask ^-^

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default Re: Hi! Nice to meet you all! ^.^

Post by zarafia on 01/10/15, 04:44 pm

Hellu and welcome! c: Hello
it wasnt a bad presentation at all! c:
 umie... if i would get to recommend a few otome's  i would say:
The second reproduction(Gardis!! I love you )
Seduce me
Reunion of angel
Princess battles
Starry skies and Magical diary. i really liked those alot!

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