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Hi :3

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default Hi :3

Post by mystery_chan on 21/09/15, 08:23 pm

Hi there!
I'm mystery_chan.
There's not much to say about me: I'm just a girl who adores anime and japan. 

I'm from Belgium. Most of you probably don't know my country: but it's really nice! You should try our waffles and chocolate (yes, I love Hetalia). 

For the moment, I'm watching Hetalia (5th season, I'm just obsessed), Lucky Star and Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? (And I'm waiting for the next season of Uta no Prince-Sama)

I never have played an otome game, but I like japanese games: I played Corpse Party, Ib, Ao Oni and some others.

My music taste is Vocaloid all the way, but I really like some Utaite covers. 

I hope I'll meet some new friends here, because in my home country, not so many people are Otaku like you and me. 

So, well, nice to meet you.
Bye bye, (or as they say in Belgium: daag)

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default Re: Hi :3

Post by zarafia on 22/09/15, 02:09 pm

welcome! I hope you will enjoy it here c: ive been playing alot of otome games, its really addictive!

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