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Wand of Fortune 2: Trading Cards

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default Wand of Fortune 2: Trading Cards

Post by ColletteRen on 22/07/15, 06:04 am

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This is one of those really odd things to post. Haha. Anyway. My friend went to Japan and she found this box. Not knowing what it was but thinking it was pretty she got it for me. Downside is out of the whole 93 cards there are suppose to be. I have 47. Some are doubles so I have 24 cards I set aside that I wont need for the set. Now me and liking to collect things wants to get the rest of the cards I'm missing. I'm missing 46 cards for this set.

The cards I have are: [In Box Order]
SPR Card: #04, 09
SP Card: #01, 02, 04, 06, 09, 12, 13, 15
PAIR Card: #06, 07
EVENT Card: #01 - 05, 16, 17, 24 - 32, 34 - 36
CHARACTER Card: #01 - 03, 05, 09 - 16
MINI CHARA Card: #02, 05, 07, 08

Extra cards I have are: [In Box Order]
SPR Card: #04
PAIR Card: #06
EVENT Card: #01, 03 - 05, 17, 24 - 29, 35
CHARACTER Card: #01, 02, 11 - 15 [14 x2]
MINI CHARA Card: #05, 07 

Anyone know where I could get the rest without having to buy a whole box? Or if anyone is collecting and I have extra of what they want I could trade since they are trading cards. IDK. I hate not having complete sets of stuff.  shocked

I checked eBay and nothing. It was originally sold on Amiami in 2012 so I probably wont find the rest of them haha. Oh well. Worse case when I start doing the PenPal thing with some of you when I move [official place this time] then I might add a card or two into the letter as a gift.

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