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Languages and VN's

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default Languages and VN's

Post by laharlgirl on 05/12/14, 07:30 am

Out of curiosity, do people only play visual novels/otome games that are translated into English? Do you play them untranslated? Both?

Has a vn or game ever inspired you to learn the language it was in so you could enjoy the game better?

For someone who's learning the language of Japanese, I think that vn's and otome games are great for comprehension. Personally, I think its easier to hear what I'm reading (rather than just read the text) and most vn's and otome games are fully voiced (save for the obvious things) and that helps. It feels really nice when you know what something means and you don't have to patch it to English. ^^ You just..know.

And translating a vn or game takes a lot of work, so huge props to the people who take on those projects so that people who may not understand the language but still want to experience the game or whatever it may be can as well~


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default Re: Languages and VN's

Post by fairth on 05/12/14, 04:40 pm

-I mostly play them in English, because most games are translated in English.

-Second: I sometimes try playing Japanese Otoge using VNR and figuring what the translator meant xD

-Third: Voiced games I already know by heart and can understand thanks to the few kanji/vocabs I know. It helps if you're learning Japanese.

-I only have tried one game in French, my native language (Sweet Amoris, the online game, you know ?). At the time this game was launched, I was still an otome-noob xD I didn't know Otome games were that popular and translated into English this often.

-I also try looking for Spanish/German VNs because it can help me with learning vocabs. So yup, I use VNs/otoges to learn languages.
I think that VNs can inspire us to learn a new language (Often Japanese), but the other way around works as well: Let's pretend your English/French/Spanish grade sucks, using video games/manga/VNs/whatever to be more fluent really works.

I personally learned English first through manga, then VNs when I was around 17, and it took me 3/4months. I tried with Spanish because my grades were worse than bad, and I managed to pass the final highschool exam thanks to Gantz and Skip Beat spanish scans xDD

So I really think that VNs/Mangas/Video Games are some awesome tools to learn a language (be it Japanese, English or anything else)
Though, it has it's limits, and you'll eventually have to learn some grammar to be able to speak and use the language, right ?

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default Re: Languages and VN's

Post by insight_blue on 06/12/14, 01:38 am

I don't speak Japanese, so I only play games in English. Otome games have definitely inspired me to try to learn Japanese though. But, I'm trying to learn Spanish at the moment, so learning Japanese is on the back burner for now. Finding manga or VNs in Spanish to help me learn is a GREAT idea though!!! I never thought of that. You're brilliant fairth!! XD

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default Re: Languages and VN's

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