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default Hello

Post by laharlgirl on 04/12/14, 08:53 pm

Hello everyone, new member here! This is a fun little site, and I'm happy to find more otome fans.
I do a lot of drawing and writing/roleplaying myself, so if anyone ever wants to look at my stuff or come say hi (if you don't want to PM me that is); you can see my tumblr here:
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Nice meeting everyone~

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default Re: Hello

Post by LeeYa on 22/12/14, 02:18 pm

Hello laharlgirl Hello ~nice to meet you welcome to OH~ :D
hehehe..I'm happy too to find another new member who loves and played otome game.. Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle

hohoho..I'll visit your tumblr later..thanks for the link..btw since you do a lot of drawing,and writing/roleplaying ,why not share it with us here..hehehe Laughing dududu Laughing dududu ..eventhough I think we can look for it on your tumblr I guess Bert sweating Bert sweating Bert sweating ..but I not familiar with it so I not really much know about using tumblr(eventhough people always saying its was super easy to use Bleh )..heheh.. Perv smile
btw what do you mean by 'roleplaying' ? sad  

again..nice to meet you Ehehe~ cat

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